Frequently asked questions


Our players cover the cost of registration, referees, uniforms and league fees. You can expect to pay somewhere around $350 per year (fall+spring combined). Why is it so inexpensive? Our coaches are volunteers (with an extensive soccer background), we don’t rent expensive field space, we don’t travel far distances for tournaments and we don’t go overboard on uniforms or require separate training kits. We are playing for the love of the sport, not for a profit.

Who can join the team?

Any players that are not committed to another competitive team can join us anytime. If you are currently on another competitive team and want to come to our practice to see what you think, you will need permission from your existing team to practice with us.

what is the age group?

We are a team of players born in 2007 and some talented players born in 2008. We play with the 2007 age group.

How many players are on your roster?

Players get the most development on the field at game time. For that reason, we prefer to keep a fairly lean roster so the players can get the most playing time. However, we try to keep a few extra players to account for injuries, conflicts and general substitutions. On a roster for 11v11, we like to carry around 15-16 players. We currently do not use any guest players.

when and where is practice?

Practices are Wednesdays 6:30-7:45 pm and Saturdays 9:00-10:15 am. Practice is in West Frisco at Wrangler's Range Park near the intersection of Lebanon and 423/Main.

when and where are games?

Games can be any day, but are primarily on weekends and are played in Plano. Most games are at Carpenter, Cheyenne or Russel Creek.

which league do you play in?

We play in the PPIL. The 2018-19 season was our first season playing competitive. While we had some strong players, we were plagued with injuries and illness, and played shorthanded almost all season. In the 2019-20 season, we picked up several players and were looking to finish strong before play was suspended.

what about covid? How will that impact my fees?

Because our players only pay for the cost of the game (registration, referees, league fees, uniform), we will be able to refund any amount that Plano issues to the teams. The only portion that we cannot refund is the uniform.